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Links to State of Maine .gov Websites

No one competes with the State as a source of information about legislators and legislation. What follows is a list organized by type of information.

Any of this information can be useful depending on one's interest at a point in time, but my personal favorite is the "Committee Info" page shown below. Crafting intelligent policy that is durable and improves people's lives is challenging, and if you would like to see the arguments that were offered on both sides of proposed legislation, then you will want to see the testimony heard by the committee that the bill was referred to.

To learn who your legislators are

Use the State's website, at which you can type in your address, The Maine Voter Information Lookup Service

To learn more about your legislator

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate maintain websites of information which includes links to home pages for each Senator and Representative as well as a variety of other useful links:

The Maine House of Representatives

The Maine State Senate

To provide testimony at a committee hearing, written or in person

The schedule of public hearings for all committees is available from a drop-down menu here.
Detailed and practical advice for providing testimony in-person is provided here.
Written testimony may be provided by using the form here.
Public hearings for any committee can be heard live online, links to the audio for each committee are provided here.

Sensible advice is to be polite in both written and oral testimony. You or I would not find rude behavior or comments persuasive and I do not imagine that legislators do, either.

To see all roll call votes in the House of Representatives or the Senate

For a House roll call vote, use the link above and follow the "Roll Call" link on that page.
For a Senate roll call votes are listed here: 129th Senate Roll Calls

To learn more about a specific legislative document, order or paper

The easiest way to find information on the State's website is to start with any roll call, and then use their navigation system. Once you select a particular roll call to view from either of the pages of all roll call votes given above, the page that lists the roll call has their navigation bar on the left, shown below:

image of state website navigation bar

The site is navigated by using the tabs on the left, which are the same starting from any roll call. The tabs link to the following pages:

To learn more about the legislative process

The State provides an overview here.

Joint rules of the 129th legislature (e.g., Joint rule 310.3 is here) are available here.

An additional useful additional reference is The Legislative Handbook, authored by the State's Office of Policy and Legal Analysis and given to freshly minted legislators at the start of each session. A PDF version of the Handbook for the 129th Session resides here.

Additional sources and resources

Office of Governor Janet T. Mills veto messages to legislature, press releases.

Maine Public Utilities Commission

Efficiency Maine


Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services, Resources


Secretary of State of Maine, Bureau of Elections, Corporations & Commissions a wealth of information including source for petitions, voter registration, request for absentee (mail-in) current ballot, RCV rules, and historical data on party registration and detailed election results.

Maine Citizens for Clean Elections voter group that monitors clean election law.

Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics & Election Practices, Campaign Finance source for the candidate's funding in the 2018 election.

Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics & Election Practices source for the election rules and forms.

Common Cause ethics watchdog for federal government.

General Interest Activist Groups

League of Women Voters Maine

Maine People's Alliance progressive group, more than 33,000 members.

Suit Up Maine a non-partisan progressive group of more than 5,400 volunteers, a wealth of online resources.

Environmental Groups

Maine Conservation Voters source for environmental scorecards.

Natural Resources Council of Maine

Environmental Health Strategy Center

Natural Resources Defense Council federal watchdog.

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Government and Business Ethics


Better Government Association, Better Government Association-Alper Services Integrity Index, 2013 scores and ranks state governments on four dimensions of integrity: freedom of information law, open meetings law, conflict of interest law, and whistleblower protection law.

The Center for Public Integrity investigative journalism that exposes abuses of power and breaches of duty by public and private institutions

Ethics and Compliance Initiative

Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition

National Coalition of State Legislatures

Global Integrity tracks trends in public integrity worldwide

Innovations for Successful Societies research center at Princeton University that studies reform implementation worldwide


Basel Institute on Governance independent non-profit that supports global efforts to fight corruption and money laundering

Global Integrity tracks trends in public integrity worldwide

Innovations for Successful Societies research center at Princeton University that studies reform implementation worldwide

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Transparency International issues a yearly Corruption Perceptions Index of countries around the globe and numerous other reports

U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Center Helpdesk feature provides research-based responses to practitioner questions, many of which are published online

World Legal Information Institute searchable global database of anti-corruption laws, scholarship, and related links

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Health Care and Family Planning

Maine Family Planning

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund

Consumers for Affordable Health Care source of information on insurance and MaineCare.

Maine Allcare advocates for health care for all.

Physicians for a National Health Program

Legal Aid

Maine Equal Justice Partners

Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project



Maine Center for Economic Policy

Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission

Maine Women's Lobby

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Database for US and International Economic Data (FRED) publicly accessible database of economic time series

World Health Organization (WHO) Global Health Observatory database publicly accessible database of time series of health indicators from around the world

Citizens' Climate Lobby nonpartisan, non-government organization of citizen, non-professional lobbyists that pursue policies to address climate change