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Why this site?

The State of Maine provides a large amount of information on bills as they become law and you can examine individual roll call votes for the Senate or the House of Representatives, here and here, respectively.

However, although it is quite straightforward to follow a particular bill's progress, it is quite time consuming to follow a particular legislator's actions on a variety of bills. This site addresses that difficulty by re-packaging the information provided by the State by legislator and by topic, so that we can follow our leaders.

What's included.

Documents sponsored and co-sponsored:

Any legislative documents (LDs) that were either (1) enacted by both chambers (regardless of whether enaction involved a roll call vote) or (2) generated a roll call vote or (3) were requested by the Governor ("Governor's request"). Listings include the reference, title, and as of the most recent update of this site, the outcome. Additionally, a handful of Senate or House Papers and Orders are included either because they are relevant to ballot initiatives (e.g., Senate Order 28, Senate Order Authorizing the President of the Senate To Represent the Interests of the Senate To Preserve the Integrity of the Election Process) or because they are Joint Resolutions of some interest (e.g., Senate Paper 592, Joint Study Order, To Establish the Task Force on Health Care Coverage for All of Maine, Senate Paper 587, Joint Order, Directing the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources To Report Out a Bill Regarding the Paris Agreement on Climate Change).


For votes related to ballot initiatives, all roll call votes; for votes on other legislative documents, only the final vote in each chamber, which is often a motion to reconsider enactment after the Governor's veto; for Senate and House Papers, a selection of non-procedural votes.

For each vote, a summary of the vote includes the roll call number, date, the motion that was voted on, your legislator's vote, the outcome of the vote, and the outcome for the bill. Additionally, each vote is accompanied by the "plain English" summary of the legislation that is included in the bill or amendment. Finally, each bill has a link to an image of the full roll call for that vote, the chaptered law and fiscal note for the chaptered law if the bill became law, and the fiscal note relevant to the vote if the bill did not become chaptered law by that vote.

Most recent update: Roll call votes through September 13, 2018, which marks the conclusion of the 128th Legislative Session.

Legislative scorecards from the Maine People's Alliance, Maine Conservation Voters, AFL-CIO and Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund appear on each legislator's information page; see the Explanations for the bills included and links to the sources. Links to articles from several newspapers are now on included; sources included are likely to expand.

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If you are unfamiliar with the process by which a bill becomes law:

Again, no problem! Choose an "Explanation" to read a brief explanation that will enable you to understand the summaries presented here and consult the "Useful Links" page for links to the State's website for more information. The Explanation page is broken into three sections: a relatively brief summary of how a bill becomes law, an explanation of the information provided with the bills and papers sponsored or cosponsored, and an explanation of the information provided in the summary of each legislator's vote. Even if you are familiar with how a bill becomes law, you may find any of these sections useful if you have difficulty understanding the information it pertains to.

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