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Why this site?

The State of Maine provides a large amount of information on bills as they become law and you can examine individual roll call votes for the Senate or the House of Representatives, here and here, respectively.

However, although it is straightforward to follow a particular bill's progress, it is quite time consuming to follow a particular legislator's actions on a variety of bills. This site addresses that difficulty by re-packaging the information provided by the State by legislator and by topic, so that we can follow our leaders.

What's included?

On legislator information pages:

Legislative Scorecards from the Maine People's Alliance, Maine Conservation Voters, Maine AFL-CIO, and Maine Planned Parenthood Action Fund.
Documents sponsored and co-sponsored, including all legislative documents (LDs) with plain English summaries and current status.
Votes, all roll call votes on legislative documents in the Senate and House, including date, roll call number, LD title, motion, outcome of motion, current status of legislation, LD summary, summaries of any amendments, and fiscal notes.

On committees and bills page:

A listing of the committee membership for committes of the Senate, committees of the House, and Joint Committees of the Legislature.
Select from bill topics or committee a bill was referred to to obtain a list of bills under consideration and/or a list of bills that have reached terminal status for sesssion 1 - that is, bills that have become law or have been placed in the legislative file (i.e., "dead" bills) or have been tabled to Special Appropriations by the Senate or were enacted in both chambers and placed on hold by the Governor. Listings for bills by topic or committee include a plain English summary of the bill and adopted amendments, committee assignment, and current status which is updated weekly to the state's site contents through the date recorded here: August 26, 2019.

The Governor called the legislature into a special session to consider four bond issues on August 26, 2019. One was passed (and can be seen under the topic Bond Issues or the committee Unassigned to committee) and three died from failure to pass with a 2/3 majority (and can be seen under dead bills).

For the bills not dealt with on August 26, the first regular session ended on June 19, and any bills not listed as dead or enacted have been carried over to any special session or the second regular session pursuant to the Joint Resolution given by House Paper 1322. Thirty-nine bills that were enacted in both chambers were placed on hold by Governor Mills, which means she has until the third day of the second regular session to either veto or sign them. These bills can be accessed from the "Committees, Bills by Topic or Committee" page by selecting "All bills enacted in both chambers and placed on hold by the Governor" under View Bills by Topic or View Bills by Committee.

A listing of the People's Veto bills and Citizens Initiatives that have been approved by the Secreatry of State for petitions.

Maine's Constitution allows citizens of the state to both inititate legislation (Citizens Initiatives) and veto legislation that has been enacted (People's Veto) via petitions (10% of the voters in the last gubernatorial election are required, 63,067 signatures). There are currently 10 People's Veto and 5 Citizen Initiative petitions approved for circulation by the Secretary of State. View the list of the bills that would be vetoed and the initiatives, with summaries, here.

Get started.

For general information about the legislative process and the contents of these pages:

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For a list of all bills and their current status:

Select Committees, Bills by Comittee or Topic from the navigation bar.

For legislators:

If you don't know your state Senator's or state Representative's name:

No problem! The following link will take you to a new tab with the State of Maine website where you can enter your address and your state representative and state senator will be listed based on your address. Please return when you have done that:
The Maine Voter Information Lookup Service

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