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Representative Philip Curtis [Republican]
Madison ~ District 111

Towns in District: Norridgewock, Solon and part of Madison

Would be term limited: 2026
Campaign funding in 2018 Election: Traditional

House Committees:
♦ Ethics

Joint Committees:
♦ Taxation

✉ Philip.Curtis@legislature.maine.gov
☎ 1-800-423-2900

✉ 93 Blackwell Hill Road
Madison, Maine 04950

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Representative Curtis did not serve in the 128th Maine legislature - no scorecards available.

Has not sponsored any legislation as of last update of this site.

LD 2 An Act To Increase from $25,000 to $50,000 the Minimum Amount Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Policies Must Cover for Damage to Property Status: Referred to Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee, Dead, Joint rule 310.3, February 7, 2019
LD 2
This bill increases from $25,000 to $50,000 the minimum amount motor vehicle liability insurance policies must cover for damage to property in order for the policies to be accepted as proof of financial responsibility to drive, including for vehicles used exclusively to transport passengers for hire between points within the State and seating no more than 3 passengers behind the driver and for rental trucks with a registered gross weight of 26,000 pounds or less, rented or leased for fewer than 30 days. It also amends the law regarding satisfied judgments to increase to $50,000 the amount that must be credited on a judgment for injury to or destruction of property of others as a result of one accident rendered in excess of that amount.

LD 465 An Act To Eliminate the Service Provider Tax on Services Covered by Medicaid Status: Referred to Taxation Committee, Dead, Joint rule 310.3, April 16, 2019
LD 465
This bill repeals portions of the service provider tax that apply to services that are covered by the federal Medicaid program.

LD 694 An Act To Amend the Charter of the Town of Madison's Department of Electric Works Status: Referred to Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee, Enacted, Signed into law April 11, 2019
LD 694
This bill replaces language regarding the bonding authority of the Madison Department of Electric Works to provide that it is the electric works that issues bonds for its purposes and not the Town of Madison. The bill also removes the $1,200,000 cap on the issuance of bonds or notes for current operating expenses.

LD 694 Chaptered Law
LD 694 Chaptered Law fiscal note
LD 784 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits Status: Referred to Labor and Housing Committee, Dead, Joint rule 310.3, April 2, 2019
LD 784
This bill disqualifies an individual from eligibility for unemployment benefits when the individual has refused to accept or attend a job interview for suitable work for which the individual is reasonably fitted.

LD 1031 An Act To Base the Vehicle and Mobile Home Excise Tax on Actual Value Status: Referred to Taxation Committee, Dead, Joint rule 310.3, April 11, 2019
LD 1031
This bill changes the method of computing the excise tax that is levied on motor vehicles, including commercial motor vehicles, buses and camper trailers, and mobile homes registered in the State.

With the exception of certain commercial motor vehicles and buses and special mobile equipment, current law requires that the excise tax be based upon the maker's list price for the motor vehicle or mobile home; the excise tax on certain commercial motor vehicles and buses and special mobile equipment is based on the purchase price. This bill requires that the excise tax for all motor vehicles, mobile homes and camper trailers be based upon the actual value of the vehicle or mobile home at the time of delivery to the owner, as determined by sources approved by the State Tax Assessor.

Current law requires the State to reimburse a municipality for the difference in the amount of excise tax that would have been collected by the municipality on each commercial motor vehicle or bus using the manufacturer's suggested retail price instead of the actual purchase price. This bill applies that requirement to all vehicles registered and taxed by the municipality using the actual value.

LD 1592 An Act To Allow the Dissolution of Regional School Units Composed of a Single Municipality Status: Referred to Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, Amended by Committee amendment H-474, Enacted, Signed into law June 14, 2019
LD 1592
This bill provides the steps necessary for a regional school unit composed of only one municipality to dissolve, including petitioning to dissolve the regional school unit, holding elections in the municipality, the provision of educational services for students and the disposition of outstanding indebtedness if the vote is to dissolve the regional school unit.

Amendment H-474
This amendment clarifies the process for a municipality to withdraw from a regional school unit that is composed of a single municipality and provides that upon withdrawal of a municipality from a regional school unit that is composed of a single municipality, the regional school unit is dissolved.

LD 1592 Chaptered Law
LD 1592 Chaptered Law fiscal note

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