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Kevin O'Connell photograph

Representative Kevin O'Connell [Democrat]
Brewer ~ District 128

Towns in District: part of Brewer

Elected to replace Arthur Verow March 3, 2020
Would be term limited: 2026
Campaign funding in 2018 Election: Maine Clean Elections Act

Joint Committees:
♦ Veterans and Legal Affairs

✉ Kevin.Oconnell@legislature,maine.gov
☎ 1-800-423-2900

✉ 98 Oak Grove Drive
Brewer, Maine 04412

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Representative O'Connell was seated too late in the session to have the votes to develop scorecards

Representative O'Connell was seated after cloture for sponsoring bills.

LD 2155 An Act To Prevent Accidental Overdoses by Establishing a Protocol for Prescription Drug Recovery Status: Referred to Health and Human Services Committee, carried over in the same posture to any special session of the 129th Legislature pursuant to Joint Order SP 788
LD 2155
This bill seeks to reduce accidental overdose deaths caused by access to unused controlled substances by:
  • 1. Requiring an entity, agency, facility or individual who offers or plans to offer any in-home or community support services or institutionally based long-term care services and who administers a controlled substance to an adult with long-term care needs as part of those services, referred to in the bill as "an administering provider," to document any controlled substance prescribed and obtained for the adult with long-term care needs, referred to in the bill as "the client-patient," and to participate in the Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program, with certain exceptions;
  • 2. Requiring that all controlled substances be kept in a locked container to which only the administering provider, the client-patient and, if there is one, a designated caregiver have access; and
  • 3. Requiring the administering provider, upon the death of the client-patient, to collect any unused controlled substances that were prescribed and obtained for that client-patient and dispose of them properly after documenting the National Drug Code, quantity and strength. The administering provider is required to submit this documentation, including the manner of disposal of the controlled substances collected from the deceased client-patient, to the Department of Health and Human Services using the reporting system established in the Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program.

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